Lork Industrias

Lork Industrias is a company over 30 years of experience in distribution, marketing and processing plastics, laminates, rubber, thermal insulation and sealing products. Our commitment on delivering service to industry is a fundamental part of improving the quality of daily. The continuing effort to adapt to the new needs arising in the market is the key to our success in the international markets.



Thanks to our large stock policy and the involvement of our staff we are able to react to unexpected incidents giving an immediate response and commitment to the delivery.

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Working hours are from 8am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm, from Monday to Friday. Our Technical-Sales department offers professional and responsible advice about our products and their applicability.

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LORK INDUSTRIAS is member of:

Asociación Europea de Distribuidores de Plásticos (EPDA)

Asociación Internacional de Distribuidores de Plásticos

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Sheets and rods of Epoxy G-11

EPOXY G -11. Lork Industrias introduces in its range of stock sheets and rods of Epoxy G-11

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All of them are manufactured by the best multinational companies. We work alongside them in coming up with appraising new products for the new applications and to improve their performance with the aim of satisfying the toughest demands on the market.