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General Information

ASLAGLASS is a rigid insulation board made of mineral rockwool, calcium silicate fibre and other mineral components. The boards contain both organic and inorganic fibres. Thanks to this combination, ASLAGLASS board has high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and good electrical insulating properties. This material is completely free of asbestos and is used to replace old asbestos panelling.




0,95 gr/cm3

  • High temperature resistance
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Good resistance to acids
  • Rigid and lightweight
  • Easy to machine

Is basically used to replace old asbestos panelling, or as high temperature sealing, low pressure hot gas sealing, thermal board, heat separator, etc. It is also used for building and insulating furnaces in foundries and steelworks. Other industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, automotive and shipbuilding.

ASLAGLASS Thickness Sizes
Board 2 mm 1000x1000 mm
Board 3 mm 1000x1000 mm
Board 4 mm 1000x1000 mm
Board 5 mm 1000x1000 mm
Board 6 mm 1000x1000 mm
Board 8 mm 1000x1000 mm
Board 10 mm 1000x1000 mm