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General Information

SBR is an economic, general purpose elastomer. This commodity material is generally used when there is no special need for resistance to heat or ageing. SBR sponge is highly resistant to wear and tear, rubbing and rupture. It has good elasticity and medium resistance to the cold. It resists water, saline solutions and weak acids. It is not resistant to oils, petroleum by-products or chemical substances.


- 25 + 70 ºC


0,9 gr/cm3


Normal: (15 SHORES +-5)
Semi-hard: 20 to 30 SH
Hard : (35 to 45 SH )

  • Good resistance to fatigue
  • High resistance to wear
  • Good resistance to rupture
  • Good elasticity

Insulation, construction, shipping, seals, etc.

  • Smooth surface both sides
  • One side smooth / one side Adhesive
  • One side rough / one side smooth
  • One side rough / one side Adhesive
SBR SPONGE Thickness Size
Sheet 1,5 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 2 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 3 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 4 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 5 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 6 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 8 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 10 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 12 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 15 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 20 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 25 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 30 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 35 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 40 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 45 mm 2000x1000 MM
Sheet 50 mm 2000x1000 MM

Product range:  Smooth surface both sides
                          One side smooth surface/ One side Adhesive
                          One side rough surface / One side Adhesive
Standard colour: grey.

Other colours: black, red, blue, yellow, beige and white.

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Cord 2 MM 100 mts
Cord 3 MM 100 mts
Cord 4 MM 100 mts
Cord 5 MM 100 mts
Cord 6 MM 50 mts
Cord 8 MM 50 mts
Cord 10 MM 50 mts
Cord 12 MM 50 mts
Cord 15 MM 50 mts
Cord 18 MM 50 mts
Cord 20 MM 25 mts
Profile 3X5 4X5 8X8
Profile 2X9 3X9 4X9 5X9 6X9 7X9 8X9 9X9
Profile 2X10 3X10 4X10 5X10 6X10 7X10 8X10 9X10 10X10
Profile 2X12 3X12 4X12 5X12 6X12 7X12 8X12 9X12 10X12
Profile 2X15 3X15 4X15 5X15 6X15 7X15 8X15 9X15 10X15
Profile 2X20 3X20 4X20 5X20 6X20 7X20 8X20 9X20 10X20
Profile 2X25 3X25 4X25 5X25 6X25 7X25 8X25 9X25 10X25
Profile 2X30 3X30 4X30 5X30 6X30 7X30 8X30 9X30 10X30
Profile 2X35 3X35 4X35 5X35 6X35 7X35 8X35 9X35 10X35
Profile 2X40 3X40 4X40 5X40 6X40 7X40 8X40 9X40 10X40
Profile 2X45 3X45 4X45 5X45 6X45 7X45 8X45 9X45 10X45
Profile 2X50 3X50 4X50 5X50 6X50 7X50 8X50 9X50 10X50
Profile 2X60 3X60 4X60 5X60 6X60 7X60 8X60 9X60 10X60
Profile 2X70 3X70 4X70 5X70 6X70 7X70 8X70 9X70 10X70
Profile 2X80 3X80 4X80 5X80 6X80 7X80 8X80 9X80 10X80
Profile 2X90 3X90 4X90 5X90 6X90 7X90 8X90 9X90 10X90
Profile 2X100 3X100 4X100 5X100 6X100 7X100 8X100 9X100 10X100
Profile 12X12
Profile 12X15 15X15
Profile 12X20 15X20 20X20
Profile 12X25 15X25 20X25 25X25
Profile 12X30 15X30 20X30 25X30 30X30
Profile 12X35 15X35 20X35 25X35 30X35 35X35
Profile 12X40 15X40 20X40 25X40 30X40 35X40 40X40
Profile 12X45 15X45 20X45 25X45 30X45 35X45 40X45 45X45
Profile 12X50 15X50 20X50 25X50 30X50 35X50 40X50 45X50 50X50
Profile 12X60 15X60 20X60 25X60 30X60 35X60 40X60 45X60 50X60
Profile 12X70 15X70 20X70 25X70 30X70 35X70 40X70 45X70 50X70
Profile 12X80 15X80 20X80 25X80 30X80 35X80 40X80 45X80 50X80
Profile 12X90 15X90 20X90 25X90 30X90 35X90 40X90 45X90 50X90
Profile 12X100 15X100 20X100 25X100 30X100 35X100 40X100 45X100 50X100

Specifications: profiles may be supplied with or without adhesive
Standard colour: grey. Other colours: black, red, blue, yellow, beige and white.
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