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PEI is an amorphous thermoplastic of high resistance able to withstand constant temperatures of up to 170 ºC, in addition to having excellent flame resistance (UL 94 V-O)and low smoke generation. It is an ideal material in applications that require good resistance to high temperatures or that require excellent electrical insulation properties. It is resistant to hydrolysis, and highly resistant to a wide range of chemical products. PEI is also resistant to gamma rays. It is excellent in reusable medical instruments that require repeated sterilisation. PEI reinforced with fibreglass produces a product with excellent resistance-drag properties and resistance to incremental stress with even greater rigidity and dimensional stability and lower cracking than ordinary PEI. It has good resistance to impact, although a low pressure chemical attack could lead to rupture.


- 100 ºC + 200ºC


1,27 gr/cm3

  • Good dimensional stability
  • Resistance to hydrolysis
  • Resistance to temperature
  • Good resistance to chemical agents
  • Electrical insulation
  • Resistance to radiation
  • Low smoke emissions

It is used for load-bearing components, structural probes, microwave applications, replacing glass in medical lamps, reusable medical devices, manifolds resistant to daily sanitation, high voltage circuit breaker housings, electrical insulators, electrical hardware components, integrated-circuit chip carriers for accelerated testing at high temperatures, non-combustible plenum connectors, high-temperature bobbins, coils and fuse blocks, under-the-hood automotive components, connector clamps for printed-wiring boards, jet-engine components.

  • PEI
  • PEI GF30 (+30% FIBREGLASS)
PEI Thickness Size
Sheet de 10 a 125 mm 2000x1000
PEI GF30 Thickness Size
Sheet de 10 a 50 mm 2000x1000

Dimensions available upon request
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PEI ø Length
Extruded Rod from 10 to 125 mm - - 3000 mm*
PEI GF30 ø Length
Extruded Rod from 10 to 55 mm - - 3000 mm*

* Dimensions available upon request
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Formats and weights
Chemical resistance