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General Information

There is a wide range of rubber materials that can be used for sealing. Rubber gaskets are generally the best type of seal for use in low-medium temperature and low pressure environments.
These gaskets can be manufactured in compliance with Standards DIN 2690, DIN 2691 and B 16.21 for raised-face and flat-face flanges. We manufacture die-cast and moulded gaskets. We have a large stock of standard gaskets and o-rings for immediate delivery.

Los materiales más comunes
  • SBR offers excellent resistance to abrasion and is recommended for working with weak acids and water. It is not recommended for use with ozone, hydrocarbons and hard acids. (Temp. -25+70 �C)
  • Neoprene offers excellent resistance to oils, low permeability to gases and excellent resistance to ozone, abrasion and bending. It is not recommended for use with hard acids, aromatic and oxygenated solvents. (Temp. -35+105 �C)
  • NBR is a synthetic rubber with excellent resistance to hydraulic fluids, oils, lubricants, petroleum, transmission fluids and solvents. (Temp. -35+105 �C)
  • EPDM offers good resistance to ozone, heat, steam, hard acids and alkalis. It is not recommended for use with oils, solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons. (Temp. 15+130 �C)
  • Viton offers excellent resistance to chemical attack, acids, oils, petroleum and corrosive environments. It has high thermal stability at high temperatures.
  • Silicone is a rubber that has excellent properties at high and low temperatures. It has excellent resistance to compression, sunlight, ozone and oxygen. It is suitable for use with food products. (Temp. -40+200 �C)