Lork Industrias

General Information

Product made of select fine granulated natural cork. It is manufactured in compact cylinders that are then laminated into continuous sheeting. It is a very flexible material with high compressibility properties. It is a very good heat and noise insulator as it absorbs sound and vibrations. It can withstand a maximum temperature of 100 ºC and medium levels of pressure. It is resistant to outdoor conditions.


Max + 100ºC


0,25 gr/cm3

  • Very flexible
  • High compressibility
  • Noise insulator
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions

It is used for the manufacture of industrial gaskets and pads for transporting glass. It is also used to make expansion joints for indoor partition walls, parquet flooring mounts, wall lining, etc. It is widely used for making notice boards, coasters and toys, as well as being used for model-making, handicrafts and DIY in general. There is also a wide range of uses for it in the shoe and orthopaedic footwear industry.

CORK Thickness Width Length
Roll 1 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 1,5 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 2 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 3 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 4 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 5 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 6 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 8 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
Roll 10 mm 1000 mm 25 MTS
CORK Thickness Width Length
Sheet 8 mm 650 mm 950 mm
Sheet 10 mm 650 mm 950 mm

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